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We have entered an exciting partnership with COK – the Danish municipalities' and regions nationwide organisation for training and development – to spread the use of Employee Development Planning in Danish councils and municipals.

Skills audit

It is essential for employers today to be able to document an individual competency development plan for each employee. This is a reasonable requirement.

In order to honour these requirements, expressed in collective agreements and government  reforms, it is important to have precisely defined competencies, which you can actively develop in a targeted way, both individually and collectively.

To achieve an approach to working based on dialogue and values, a good set of competencies is required. Below is an example of how you can use a list of competencies from this EDP-system as an excellent basis for development of individual and team competencies.

The competencies below are those we want to be measured against and actively target:

Professional competencies



Familiar with business tools

Business tools appropriate to your specific work and field

Quality conscious and ready to evaluate


Even good things can always be improved, and only by striving towards improvement things will remain good

Good at managing working processes and procedures


Daily work and interaction involves a number of working processes, with each person contributing in accordance with an agreed procedure

Conscientious use of resources


Constant focus on optimum use of resources, both financial and human resources, including full-time and part-time staff

Good at promoting good teamwork


Constantly striving to involve relevant colleagues and promote teamwork built on openness and respect

Proactive utilisation of new technology


Focus on how we can organise work to make even better use of the latest technology. Based on the motto: work smarter – not harder

Focus on core business


All activities an individual is responsible for must be guided by the core of our business

Focus on existing and potential customers


Each employee must constantly eye our full range of customers, including potential customers, in order for our business to thrive

Professional, friendly interaction – as a team

We strive to function as a professional, friendly, interactive and interdisciplinary team, characterised by synergy and unity

 Personal  competencies



Works independently and responsibly

Willing and able to work independently, ready to take responsibility and see tasks through to completion

Good at having an overview and prioritising

Primarily, in their own work situation, secondarily in teamwork. Good at evaluating and prioritising

High level of performance

Wants to perform at a high level and evaluates own performance

Meticulous and precise

Conscious of involving the right people at the right time, and performing tasks to given standards

Always service-minded

Realises that good service is our bread and butter,  and acts accordingly

Creative and innovative approach to solving tasks

Sees new opportunities and finds creative approaches to solving tasks – even if that involves changes

Patient, friendly and accommodating

Is patient, friendly and accommodating in dealings with all colleagues, superiors and third parties

Takes responsibility for developing

Realises they are in the best position to know their development needs

Proactively open and communicative


Is aware of the need to openly and fully communicate with colleagues. Does everything possible to ensure everyone is involved at the relevant level and that no work takes place in isolation

Loyal to colleagues, duties, and the company as a whole

Shows loyalty in all relationships towards colleagues and to the organisation as a whole

Handles conflicts appropriately and responsibly

Approaches possible conflicts with an open and honest attitude so appropriate and responsible solutions are found

Can deal with changing working conditions and workloads

One is exposed to widely varying workloads and working conditions in one’s daily work. The focus here is on the willingness and ability to work under such conditions

Can handle unforeseen situations

Ability to handle unforeseen situations in an appropriate manner

Communicates openly and with empathy

Willing and able to communicate openly, honestly and with empathy

How scoring works

Each employee rates themselves for each of the above competencies, using one of the numbers below. Scores such as 2.5 may also be used. The scores will be used as a basis for discussion during their EDP meeting.

The average score is then calculated for all employees and compared against the desired overall score. This comparison will reveal where development is required. The result is displayed graphically.

0.0 Withdraws, refuses, or makes no significant contribution in this area

1.0 Makes a small contribution, but more would be desirable

2.0 Handles the area reasonably, but needs regular support

3.0 Proficient in this area, works independently and without support

4.0 Proficient in this area and able to motivate others

5.0 Masters this area. Contributes to developing the area in new ways.